Friday, 28 January 2011


For over ten years I have been photographing, and sometimes writing about non-League football grounds, and endeavouring to capture the essence of the game at this level. Certainly the degree of skill exhibited on the pitch is nowhere near that of the elite Premier League, but often the football is no less entertaining. However, what makes non-League football so special is the sheer variety of settings in which it takes place: old grounds, new grounds, rural and industrial settings. Also the people themselves: fans who are happy to stand side-by-side with rival supporters and the thousands of volunteers who willingly give up their time to somehow keep the whole thing alive. Without non-League, there would be no Football League, and possibly no Premier League either.

What began as a passion for simply photographing and researching the history of a ground, including details that the 'casual' spectator might overlook, slowly grew into a desire to show its transformation on a match day, even when the attendance is only two figures. This in turn has gradually developed into the concept of the 'Photo Diary' where the events on and around the pitch are recorded. I endeavour to include action photographs but far more important is the setting itself. Thus I often retreat to the periphery, as sports photographers had to before the advent of long lenses; and also frequently shoot from a spectator's point-of view, moving around the ground accordingly.

Please be patient as I gradually add links to the various diaries dating from October 2008 but if you can't wait that long, you can check out the link to the award-winning Flickr site at the top of the page, where you can view the complete collection, and a few other things besides.

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